We're all complicated, aren't we, even when we're being basic? We would like to fancy ourselves as being the onions that we strive to be, with layer upon layer, usually never peeled, usually never discovered for all of the different ones. They might not be seen, but we can feel then, prominently - like the grain of sand shifting in the bottom of our shoe that feels like a jagged rock, two inches in diameter. We're all these things and we're nothing if they're not appreciated. We imagine that we're older than we are, more refined and complex than we're given credit for when we don't know a thing yet. We still feel like we haven't aged a bit when we're grandparents, appalled when we look down at our arms and see the liver spots, or when we look at ourselves in the mirror and we just look too old to possibly function. We are all A freak A’s and that is what my first collection in 2019 under the ”Foster” themed year is about. You and I, we are all freaks, in our own ways, ain't we?